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To generalize this strategy, we used the Search Tool for the Retrieval of Interacting Genes/Proteins (STRING) database ( Szklarczyk et al., 2015 ) to identify additional interactions between learning-related network hubs and song production genes in Area X. We submitted genes from the green, greenyellow, and darkred learning-related modules and the black, blue, darkgreen, orange, and royalblue song production modules, then filtered for cross-module interactions and scaled the confidence scores by the average intramodular connectivity of each gene in the interaction. This yielded a ranked list of interactions between genes positively correlated to learning and those correlated to singing, which was prioritized by weighted confidence score to yield the highest confidence interactions between genes with the greatest network importance ( Supplementary file 5 ). These interactions were plotted as a network with proteins as nodes and interaction scores as edges ( Figure 7 ). This approach allowed us to not only visualize the confidence in gene interactions but also the local neighborhoods formed by the protein interaction network, emphasizing genes of potentially greater importance in the vocal learning process based on the number of interactions they have.

Figure 7
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A protein interaction network plot using the STRING database between genes in learning-related (darkred, green, greenyellow) and song production (black, blue, darkgreen, orange, royalblue) modules. …

We ranked interactions by four different metrics designed to emphasize or deemphasize gene significance, intramodular connectivity, and differential connectivity in juveniles vs. adults (see Materials and methods). These metrics provide a basis for selecting protein-protein interactions based on the relationship to the genes and their most strongly correlated behavior, the coexpression network importance of the genes, or the change in connectivity between juvenile and adult birds. In using the latter metric, the decreased connectivity of learning-related genes ATF2 and FMR1 in adulthood is accounted for and interactions involving those genes are prioritized. Interactions between ATF2 and IRF2 , DUSP5 , and FOS are among the highest scoring interactions using this metric. All such interactions are presented in Supplementary file 5 .

In addition to the overall Area X network presented above, we built and compared construct-specific networks from birds injected with the FoxP2.FL expressing virus versus those injected with the FoxP2.10+expressing virus versus those expressing GFP ( Figure 3—figure supplements 1 –). This analysis enabled us to assess the level of construct-driven changes in gene coexpression as well as to test for the presence of the learning-related module in the control birds whose FoxP2 levels were unmanipulated. We quantified module preservation between the FoxP2 networks and the GFP network ( Figure 3—figure supplement 4 ). In both FoxP2 networks, a gradient of module preservation was observed versus the GFP network with both overlapping and significantly different modules observed. Birds in these experimental conditions were siblings, and in some cases from the same clutch, suggesting that the driving effect of network differences is the construct-specific manipulation. The green learning-related module was well-preserved across the three networks. The strong correlation of this module to learning passed false discovery rate correction in the GFP cohort comprised of only seven birds, indicating that the learning-related coexpression pattern observed in the overall network is also present without FoxP2 manipulation.

In this study, we overexpressed FoxP2 isoforms or GFP and thereby created a range of song learning and song variability induction ( New Bollywood Mouni Roy Designer White Suit Fashionable Anarkali Salwaar Kameez Bridal Wear Heavy Material Georgette Dress R1371 Pre Order Sale Online zJCr0HTCUa
), ideal for transcriptome profiling and WGCNA. We constructed an overall Area X gene network and discovered modules correlated to singing, learning, and vocal variability. The network properties of these modules revealed strong relationships between gene module membership and the behavior(s) to which the modules were correlated.

Intuitive is a word you should avoid in discussions of usability as its meaning is often confused.

It is generally accepted that a large part of usability is based on familiarity and experience. Human Interface Guidelines published by people such as Apple or Gnome strive for logic and consistency so that the learning can be easier, and the experience more valuable. Using 'intuitive' as a short-hand for something that is familiar often gives the impression that if something is 'intuitive' then it is so regardless of prior learning or experience and therefore equally true for everyone. It suggests that the goodness or badness of an interface is situated within the interface itself, rather than in the relationship between the user and the interface.

Very few people would object to the statement that 'Apple software is more intuitive than Windows software' yet to someone who has only used Windows software, this is clearly not the case. Avoiding using the word yourself and mentally translating other people's use of intuitive as 'something I like' e.g. "Moodle's block system is unintuitive" = "Moodle's block system is something I don't like" may help to defuse arguments because it is harder to argue about personal opinions that are stated explicitly as personal opinion rather than disguised as objective statements about the software.

Therefore what is called intuitive, in the case of Moodle, will depend on your experience and expectations of other learning systems, web applications or sites, as well as software in general and thus varies from person to person. Usability studies should therefore average out the expectations of many people to find what is 'intuitive' and check to see if different groups (e.g. users of particular alternative systems, total beginners) have different expectations.

This article explains more and better (with diagrams!):

People often confuse these topics, understandably as they do have a great deal in common. Generally what are referred to as 'usability' improvements make things both easier to learn and easier for experienced users. Occasionally decisions need to be made favouring one over the other, and in those situations it helps to be explicit which of the two you are referring to. There are many successful software tools that sacrifice learnability so that power-users can be more efficient. It seems likely that Moodle will continue to lean towards learnability in these cases, though again 99% of the time these goals are not in conflict.

In open source projects it is often easier (in the short term) to defuse any disagreement by 'adding a preference'. This means you end up with double (or triple..) the code to achieve the same thing.

Every time you provide an option, you're asking the user to make a decision. - best outdoor soccer shoes for childrenfootball shoes 2017 top quality kids soccer shoes New Arrival BOH5U

This can, over time lead to a profusion of preferences, each of which has a cost that needs to be weighed against its benefit. Sometimes finding a solution that pleases everyone (to some degree) is preferable to adding preferences for each idea. Learn to know what your users really need. Instead of pleasing everyone separately, Alibaba online shopping sales comfortable sneaker canvas shoes for men New Arrival Clearance For Sale Latest Collections For Sale X30vEF

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The following list provides additional information about other SELECT clauses:

A select_expr can be given an alias using AS alias_name . The alias is used as the expression's column name and can be used in GROUP BY , ORDER BY , or HAVING clauses. For example:

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The AS keyword is optional when aliasing a select_expr with an identifier. The preceding example could have been written like this:

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However, because the AS is optional, a subtle problem can occur if you forget the comma between two select_expr expressions: MySQL interprets the second as an alias name. For example, in the following statement, columnb is treated as an alias name:

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For this reason, it is good practice to be in the habit of using AS explicitly when specifying column aliases.

It is not permissible to refer to a column alias in a WHERE clause, because the column value might not yet be determined when the WHERE clause is executed. See SectionB.5.4.4, “Problems with Column Aliases” .

The FROM table_references clause indicates the table or tables from which to retrieve rows. If you name more than one table, you are performing a join. For information on join syntax, see 2018 spring women dresses ladies floral print dresses With Paypal 91KzZ1tfa
. For each table specified, you can optionally specify an alias.

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The use of index hints provides the optimizer with information about how to choose indexes during query processing. For a description of the syntax for specifying these hints, see Section8.9.4, “Index Hints” .

You can use SET max_seeks_for_key= value as an alternative way to force MySQL to prefer key scans instead of table scans. See Section5.1.7, “Server System Variables” .

You can refer to a table within the default database as tbl_name , or as db_name . tbl_name to specify a database explicitly. You can refer to a column as col_name , tbl_name . col_name , or db_name . tbl_name . col_name . You need not specify a tbl_name or db_name . tbl_name prefix for a column reference unless the reference would be ambiguous. See Wholesale Blank Women LaceUp Glitter Canvas Shoes Clearance Shop Offer Best Seller For Sale Lowest Price For Sale Sale Supply Clearance Store For Sale 9UcMoFt2Q
, for examples of ambiguity that require the more explicit column reference forms.

Supported storage drivers per Linux distribution

At a high level, the storage drivers you can use is partially determined by the Docker edition you use.

In addition, Docker does not recommend any configuration that requires you to disable security features of your operating system, such as the need to disable selinux if you use the overlay or overlay2 driver on CentOS.

For Docker EE and CS-Engine, the definitive resource for which storage drivers are supported is the Product compatibility matrix . To get commercial support from Docker, you must use a supported configuration.

For Docker CE, only some configurations are tested, and your operating system’s kernel may not support every storage driver. In general, the following configurations work on recent versions of the Linux distribution:

When possible, overlay2 is the recommended storage driver. When installing Docker for the first time, overlay2 is used by default. Previously, aufs was used by default when available, but this is no longer the case. If you want to use aufs on new installations going forward, you need to explicitly configure it, and you may need to install extra packages, such as linux-image-extra . See .

On existing installations using aufs , it is still used.

When in doubt, the best all-around configuration is to use a modern Linux distribution with a kernel that supports the overlay2 storage driver, and to use Docker volumes for write-heavy workloads instead of relying on writing data to the container’s writable layer.

The vfs storage driver is usually not the best choice. Before using the vfs storage driver, be sure to read about its performance and storage characteristics and limitations .

Expectations for non-recommended storage drivers : Commercial support is not available for Docker CE, and you can technically use any storage driver that is available for your platform. For instance, you can use btrfs with Docker CE, even though it is not recommended on any platform for Docker CE, and you do so at your own risk.

Expectations for non-recommended storage drivers

The recommendations in the table above are based on automated regression testing and the configurations that are known to work for a large number of users. If you use a recommended configuration and find a reproducible issue, it is likely to be fixed very quickly. If the driver that you want to use is not recommended according to this table, you can run it at your own risk. You can and should still report any issues you run into. However, such issues have a lower priority than issues encountered when using a recommended configuration.

Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are intended for development, rather than production. Modifying the storage driver on these platforms is not possible.

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