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“First comes love, then comes marriage…” Perhaps you remember the sound of a child’s voice reciting this playground song. For one patient of mine, “Natalie,” the memory of this poem was bittersweet. Somewhat wistfully, she said to me, “I recall hearing this for the first time when I was about five years old and playing on the playground. My friend Drew and I were swinging next to each other on the swing set, and a little girl named Ellie was reciting this poem and giggling with our friend Lucy. Those were such carefree days.”

“As I grew into adulthood, I remember that very moment I first desired to have the sound of a child’s laughter in my own home. At times, I became almost obsessed, wondering about what kind of parent I would be. I often imagined how much I would love that child. If only those deep longings to have a child were powerful enough to make my dreams become a reality”.

Miscarriages in early pregnancy are an all-to- common and sad occurrence. Scientific research suggests that about ten to twenty-five percent of women miscarry prior to twenty weeks. Researchers have discovered that the most common cause of miscarriage is a chromosomal abnormality in the DNA of the fetus, caused by a damaged egg or sperm cell. There are additional factors that could lead to miscarriage like maternal health conditions, unhealthy lifestyle (poor eating habits, drinking alcohol , smoking, etc.), and advanced maternal age.

Regardless of cause, a miscarriage not only takes a toll on a woman’s body, it may also bring about deep emotional anguish.

Natalie was a thirty year old woman psychotherapist and had been married for four years when she first came in to see me. She and her husband Daniel had just begun to live through the emotional after-effects of Natalie’s miscarriage. In our first session, she said to me, “I remember the very first moment I told Daniel that we were pregnant. I had been feeling weird recently and had already taken a pregnancy test, but it was difficult to read correctly, as it was one of those crummy paper strip ones. I went out and bought one of those Clearblue tests, you know, the digital ones that are more advanced, and Daniel wanted me to administer it as soon as possible. As we were anxiously awaiting the results, Daniel was really nervous and went outside to smoke a cigar. He had always told me that he would quit smoking the day I became pregnant. I waited for him to come back inside and, in the meantime, the results came back. When he walked through the front door, I asked him if he was ready to quit and he became teary eyed. It was our dream come true!”

Natalie began looking for an obstetrician and asked her female friends for recommendations. She found a doctor that she was comfortable with and scheduled the first appointment for the seven-week milestone. “I remember how excited and anxious Daniel and I were as we walked into that appointment. It was the first time we would see our “little bug.” The ultrasound tech warned us that we may only see something that looked like a peanut, but shared that we should be able to hear the heartbeat. As she ran the wand over my tummy, there was nothing but silence. Our anxiety went through the ceiling. We wondered aloud, ‘What’s wrong?” She told us that the ultrasound result was more consistent with what we should be seeing at five weeks, not seven, and went to get the doctor.” Natalie paused for a moment to collect herself, and then continued,“The doctor wanted to do a blood test right away to check HCG levels, and then do a second blood draw forty-eight hours later. She told us that if the HCG levels had doubled in that time, then I had just tracked my progress incorrectly. This was our hope. We felt somewhat desperate, and really scared.” I nodded to her and said, “Natalie, the waiting must have felt interminable, what happened next?”

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The Document interface represents any web page loaded in the browser and serves as an entry point into the web page's content, which is the RizaBina High Wedges Shoes Women Open Toe Bowknot Buckle Sale Nicekicks With Paypal Online Buy Cheap Visit New Cheap Sale Many Kinds Of QpcTui3KfD
The DOM tree includes elements such as Vicamelia Women Casual Vulcanize Shoes 2018 Summer Canvas Real For Sale Free Shipping For Cheap Cheap Sale Find Great Browse Online 8DCqGuqNtG
and Factory Running Shoes Sport Shoes Outlet Classic 2018 Unisex Cheap Price Fake Cheapest Online Buy Cheap Exclusive Ak8EU
, among many others . It provides functionality globally to the document, like how to obtain the page's URL and create new elements in the document.


The Document interface describes the common properties and methods for any kind of document. Depending on the document's type (e.g. , , SVG, …), a larger API is available: HTML documents, served with the "text/html" content type, also implement the EGONERY women slippers cloth low square heel pointed toe Free Shipping Low Shipping Clearance Good Selling Discount Brand New Unisex sQb2R8YiY4
interface, whereas XML and SVG documents implement the XMLDocument interface.

The interface is extended with the CYFMYD Women casual shoes Embroider platform female Low Shipping Fee Buy Cheap Cheapest Price LRBmH6f

Extensions for HTMLDocument

Properties included from DocumentOrShadowRoot

Event handlers

The interface is extended with the interface:

Deprecated properties

Returns a denoting the visibility state of the document. Possible values are , , , and .

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representing the code to be called when the event type is raised.

The interface is extended with the interface:

The interface is extended with the interface:

Extension for HTML documents

The interface for HTML documents inherit from the interface or, since HTML5, is extended for such documents:

Methods included from DocumentOrShadowRoot

Firefox notes

Mozilla defines a set of non-standard properties made only for XUL content:

Mozilla also define some non-standard methods:

Internet Explorer notes

Microsoft defines some non-standard properties:

Mozilla add-ons only!

Replaced by the Python version the documentation refers to. This consists only of the major and minor version parts, e.g. , even for version 2.5.1.

Replaced by either today’s date, or the date set in the build configuration file. Normally has the format .

The toolset used to build the docs is written in Python and is called Discount Footlocker Finishline Outlet Manchester Great Sale New Model Men Hiking Outdoor Shoes 2018 New Online Brand New Unisex For Sale i7h81j0lsP
. Sphinx is maintained separately and is not included in this tree. Also needed are blurb , a tool to create Misc/NEWS on demand; and python-docs-theme , the Sphinx theme for the Python documentation.

To build the documentation, follow the instructions from one of the sections below. You can view the documentation after building the HTML by pointing a browser at the file Doc/build/html/index.html .

You are expected to have installed the latest stable version of Sphinx and blurb on your system or in a EARTH STAR Summer Playa Slides Shoes Women Mule Beach Buy Sale Online VCUPrMlm
(which can be created using make venv ), so that the Makefile can find the sphinx-build command. You can also specify the location of sphinx-build with the SPHINXBUILD make variable.

On Unix , run the following from the root of your Z women sandals summer sandals women leather shoes retro low heels first layer leather clip toe comfortable women flip flops Cheap Sale Wide Range Of Clearance Enjoy Free Shipping Best Place sqR1pl31
to build the output as HTML:

On Unix

or alternatively make -C Doc/ venv html .

You can also use make help to see a list of targets supported by make . Note that make check is automatically run when you submit a New Model Men Hiking Outdoor Shoes Amazon Cheap Online Choice Cheap Online Visit Cheap Price JRJfA
, so you should make sure that it runs without errors.

On Windows , a make.bat batchfile tries to emulate make as closely as possible, but the venv target is not implemented, so you will probably want to make sure you are working in a virtual environment before proceeding, otherwise all dependencies will be automatically installed on your system.

On Windows

When ready, run the following from the root of your repository clone to build the output as HTML:

You can also use make help to see a list of targets supported by make.bat .

See also Doc/README.rst for more information.

Install the Sphinx, blurb, and python-docs-theme packages from PyPI.

Then, from the Doc directory, run:

where <builder> is one of html, text, latex, or htmlhelp (for explanations see the make targets above).


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